Living Library

Speakers: Slavko Hadzic, Joel Oliviera and others

Where: The Library of Faculty of Arts, Charles University

When: 6.11. from 16:00 to 17:00

The original concept lies in that you can instead of books read/listen to stories from different people. Those people are here as living books, who are being read through conversations.


Time for BBQ: Christianity under fire

Speaker: Jan Valeš

Where: Student Club Celetná, Celetná 20

When: 7.11. at 16:00

The speaker is being “grilled” -- meaning he is going to be asked many curious questions from the students, who has a unique chance to ask any question about Christianity they ever wanted to ask.


Time for myself: stop just collecting information

Speaker: Tomáš Grulich

Where: Charles University, Pedagogical Faculty, room: S210

When: 8.11. at 16:00

There is a pressure to execute and that might make students to have a very one-sided life style. Life is more than collecting information and development of intellect. A quality life needs personal growth of body, mind, spirit, relationships, … The way we handle this at the University defines our life orientation in the future. Stop just collecting information and invest in all of you…


Time for news: where to search for the truth in the time of post-facts

Speaker: Tomáš Uher

Where: Charles University, Faculty of Social Science, Smetanovo nábřeží 5, room: 215

When: 9.11. at 16:00

You have probably hear the opinion, that we live in post-facts time where emotions are the most important and facts are not. The goal of this lecture is to think about what role should have facts in our world and where to search for truth.